In the last few days, I’ve gotten some pretty interesting offers for sales various sites where I shop. And all have had the same thing in common: a limited time offer.

One offered 40% off select items from 8 p.m. through 8 a.m the following morning. I received the offer because I have a charge card directly through them. Another offered me a special savings for 8 hours because I was a Facebook fan. So, did I buy, from either site? The answer is no. But, and this is important – I did LOOK at both sites to see what was offered. And I think I probably would have purchased if the items made sense. Why? That’s easy.

  1. I’m an existing customer so I know the merchandise well. I’m comfortable with the product. I like what they offer and don’t feel like I’m being coerced into buying a product because it’s at a low price.
  2. The prices were excellent. A clear, value driven savings. Both websites showed the original price and the new price so I knew how good the deal was.
  3. The deal had a fast expiration date, so urgency was created.

Both deals were sent to me via email. Not via snail mail. Not via a phone call. Not via text (probably only because I haven’t signed up for text alerts or they don’t offer them).

What are you doing to create these special, sense of urgency offers with an established clientele? Remember, if a prospect has visited your leasing office, you are allowed to contact them via email until they opt out.

Take a tip from our friends in retail and start a targeted campaign like this. I know you’ll see results.

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