If you’re not asking prospective renters to lease from you when they visit your office you’re not only doing yourself a disservice; you’re doing THEM a disservice.

Time is valuable. When is the last time you had an abundance of spare time? I’m guessing you can’t remember a time like that. So, put yourself in the shoes of your prospect. They’ve taken the time to view your property (either online or in print), they’ve quite possibly contacted you ahead of time to either clarify any questions they had, find out your hours or to make an appointment; and they’ve taken the additional time to visit your property.

They’ve put forth the time and effort to learn more about your community. And you disrespect them by *not* asking them to lease? What’s up with that, anyway? Assume the sale – they wouldn’t be in your office if they weren’t sincerely interested in living at your community. Here’s the exception to that old rule regarding the word ‘assume’.

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