Leasing Professionals are often former high school cheerleaders. Go to any industry event and ask every Leasing Professional you meet if they were cheerleaders in high school. You’ll be amazed at the high percentage of them who used to cheer on their high school and college teams. Why? Because extroverted personality types are drawn to sales. Extroverts love people, have a lot of enthusiasm for their product and their career choice and really seem to enjoy what they do.

Conversely, you don’t find many extroverts in sales. Ever. Introverts don’t really like the idea of having to sell a product, let alone sell themselves to a client. So introverts and sales don’t typically mix.

Enter the ambivert. A personality type with whom you may be very unfamiliar. An ambivert possesses some of the qualities of the extrovert, along with some of the qualities of the introvert. They tend to be better listeners. They keep from overwhelming the customer with too much enthusiasm. Think about it…I’m sure you’ve had a time or two in your life where an extroverted salesperson was SIMPLY too much for you to handle. So you either ended the sales transaction or came back another time to seek out a calmer, lower energy salesperson.

Ambiverts have been around forever. We just sort of overlooked them when we were ‘typing’ people. And that’s too bad. Because recent data shows that ambiverts, and not their extroverted counterparts, are actually the superior salespeople! 

With their blend of introvert/extrovert, the ambivert is far more flexible and understanding. They aren’t quick to judge and are far more intuitive. They know when to push the prospect for the close and when to back off and bide their time.

To learn more about ambiverts and why you should hire them to lease at your property, visit Daniel Pink’s website.

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