Thinking about intensive on-site training for your team? Let Lisa Trosien come to you. She will work directly with your team and their collaterals, models and amenities, train your team with customized tools and programs hailed as the best in the market today.

The performance coach will be in your property working directly with your team for either 2 or 3 days watching and guiding them as they answer phone calls, interact with apartment residents and prospect renters. Having the apartment leasing expert on site, your team will be able to learn apartment management from one of Apartment All Stars’ best.

The intensive on-job training will be customized to your community’s needs coupled with Lisa’s ground-breaking training strategies. For more information on this particular training opportunity, call Lisa at 630.898.8898.

Additional On-Site Programs Available

Telephone to Traffic: Increasing Your Conversions

Being a celebrated performance coach, apartment blog owner Lisa Trosien can help you improve results from your leasing phone calls. Lisa will teach you how to start a relationship with a prospect, pre-qualify the prospect and eventually make a sale. In this program, you will also learn answers to domino questions, questions regarding personal needs and address selling.

Objections are Easy!

Rather than trying to overcome objections, start resolving them with your client! Learn how to read between the lines and determine your prospect’s real objection. Whether it’s a deflection, a deal breaker or just an excuse not to lease. This informative session will give you the answers.

Follow Up or Fail; It’s Up to You

Studies show that following up on prospects is as important as apartment marketing. To increase leases up to 25%, a good follow up strategy needs to be implemented. Most companies, however, fail to do a follow up. Learn how to NOT make this mistake and establish an effective follow up program for your property.

Increasing the Interactivity in Your Demonstrations

What are the small commands in your apartment demonstration that can increase the chance of a lease agreement with a prospect? Learn more about this, learn the techniques on how to make rooms look larger! Questions like “When should I give out the brochure, is it before or after showing the apartment?” will be answered in this program. Find out how you can improve your demonstrations making them more educational, engaging and memorable.

Closing the Back Door: Resident Retention Strategies

Resident retention is a tricky terrain. According to a study by J.D. Power, residents make split second decisions when it comes to renewing their contract. Find out from apartment trainer, Lisa Trosien on how you can put this information into good use and completely seal your back door. In this program, you will learn how a property manager increased renewals by focusing the energy on a specific service.

Two Hour Tune Up

Have you had an expert taken a look at your collateral materials and advertising models? Take a 2-hour long tune up with Lisa and have her fine tune problematic areas in your marketing strategy.

Closing: It’s a Process, NOT an Event

Apartment maintenance and leasing expert Lisa Trosien believes that closing a deal is a process and not an event. Find out more about how you can turn prospects into residents through this program.

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